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Data Visulisation tools


Data Visulisation tools

We are excited to announce the introduction of new data visualisation tools to Evolutive. The new tools make real-time reporting come to life via an interactive and user-friendly interface. 

This new feature will display top level KPIs in real-time in graphical format, where users can then delve into the KPIs further by clicking on the statistics, e.g. a segment of a pie chart. Once clicked, the rest of statistics will automatically update in real-time to reflect the selected data in Evolutive.

The visualisation tools mean organisations can reduce the time spent on analysing and manipulating data, as well as making reports easier to share. 

To find out more about the embedded data visualisation tools, email info@alciumsoftware.com


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We have renewed our Cyber Essentials certification.

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We're excited to roll-out a refreshed login, user interface and new colour schemes for Evolutive.

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