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Evolutive CRM system for CLLD Programmes


Evolutive CRM system for CLLD Programmes

Community Led Local Development (CLLD) projects are part funded by the European Union to deliver employment, skills, enterprise and community-based activities. CLLD brings together local communities to explore and understand the challenges that can make it difficult for people to find a job or set up and run a business.

Evolutive has recently been implemented as the software system of choice to manage and monitor the delivery of several CLLD programmes. Evolutive is used for the collection and recording of data, as well as for advanced reporting purposes in line with programme requirements.

Alcium’s Evolutive system is used extensively for the management and monitoring of Government and European funded programmes throughout the UK including ERDF, ESIF and ESF projects.

Other functionality of the system includes enquiry management, business engagement, employability management (participant / job seeker tracking and monitoring), events management, online marketing and more.

To find out more about how Evolutive and how it can be used to benefit your organisation, email info@alciumsoftware.com


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