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Invest Hertfordshire

Website design, build and Evolutive integration for Invest Hertfordshire, a new inward investment service to attract businesses and unlock investment opportunities across Hertfordshire.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Invest Hertfordshire website, a new inward investment service designed to attract businesses and unlock investment opportunities across Hertfordshire. The website was officially unveiled at the UK’s Real Estate, Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) in Leeds, held from May 21-23.

Working closely with the Invest Hertfordshire team, Alcium Software designed and developed the new website, aimed at driving investment into the County.

Key features:

  • Development / Opportunity Search: Users can explore key investment opportunity sites across Hertfordshire, making it easy to identify potential sites.
  • Commercial Property Search: Integrated with Alcium’s Evolutive CRM system, users can search and find available commercial properties across Hertfordshire, including office, industrial spaces, retail units, land, investment, and development properties.
  • Workspace Search: Also powered by Alcium’s Evolutive CRM system, visitors can find available workspaces across Hertfordshire.
  • Key Sectors Information: The website provides detailed information and media on Hertfordshire’s key sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Creative Industries, Digital and Technology, Green Industries, and Life Sciences.
  • Interactive Maps: Integrated maps showcase key sector clusters and connectivity within the County, helping users visualise strategic locations for investment.

Technical implementation

The website is built on Umbraco CMS, ensuring content editors have full flexibility and control over the website’s content and media. The seamless integration with Evolutive CRM enhances user experience by providing robust search functionalities and enquiry capture.


Explore the Invest Hertfordshire website to discover how Hertfordshire is poised for growth and investment: